South African Gambling Law

South Africa Gambling Law

There is much debate and uncertainty about the legislation of online gambling in South Africa.

A quick search will give you results like these:

To quote (source):

“Be warned: if you gamble online from South Africa you may face up to a R10 million fine and 10 years in prison

Summary: Interactive gambling is deemed illegal by the Supreme Court of Appeals in South Africa until government finalises the regulations on interactive gambling that will allow online casinos to be granted licenses to operate legally.”

And to quote from another source:

“The effect of this decision is to confirm the Gauteng Gambling Board’s long held view that the following activities, relating to on-line gambling transactions are unlawful:

§ Internet operators who offer on-line gambling (interactive games) to the residents of the Republic.

§ A player or a punter who participates in on-line gambling transactions (interactive games).

§ Persons, entities or organisations which facilitate the provision of on-line gambling (interactive games) includes:

- Internet service provider

- Financial transaction providers such as banks

§ Persons, entities or organisations which advertise or facilitate the advertisement of on-line gambling (interactive games) eg radio and television stations, print media, outdoor advertising agencies. ”


From what I can make out is that the legislation and penalties are only against people and institutions who facilitate online gambling in South Africa, and not against the South African gamblers themselves.

I cannot find any information that states that an individual will be jailed or fined if he makes a deposit in an online casino from within South Africa. The people who get prosecuted are oweners of casinos, banks and people who facilitate processing of deposits made to online casinos.

So be warned, playing from within the borders of South Africa on Silver Sands Casino is not illegal as far as I can tell, but I may be wrong. From anywhere else in the world though, it’s totally legit as far as I can tell.

Also note that although every effort has been made to ensure accurate information on this website, everything on this site is meant for educational purposes only. Gambling has an inherent risk of loss and most people only lose money in casinos.

Any action you take based on this website is totally at your own risk.

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