Gambling Is A Dangerous Game

I feel obligated to inform you that gambling is a dangerous game.

It’s fun and can be incredibly rewarding, but if you are the kind of person who loses control quickly then it could ruin you and your life. I mean, if you are able to withstand losses and losing a lot of money multiple times in a row and still stick to strict rules, then you are safe to gamble.

I would personally stick to poker and blackjack only as these are the only two casino games where you actually stand a chance to be profitable in the long run. All other casino games are just going to suck your money away.

The most important thing about gambling is that you need discipline. You need to risk only a certain percentage of your bankroll every time you go play and you need to stick to those rules religiously. Also, you need to have certain rules that when you are up a certain amount that you will not lose more than x. If you can do this, then there is a ton of money to be made from gambling and way more than you can possibly get with a normal job.

However, gambling for a living is very stressful and emotionally taxing. You might think that you are capable of this, but it’s a one way street that is almost impossible to return from. Gambling changes you, it makes you think differently about money and about the things in life. Not that it is necessarily bad, but it’s different.

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